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Meet Elizabeth

This is my grandmother, Elizabeth. The picture was taken in approx 1920 when she was about 18 years old. It has given me great pleasure to be able to restore this image so that it can be enjoyed by her children, and extended family around the world.

Pull the slider aside to see the restored image.

Elizabeth at 18 (circa 1918) After restoration

I really enjoy taking pictures, especially these days when I can take about a million on my phone and pick and choose the ones I like best.

Sometimes we can all miss the beautiful sights around us- especially when we see them regularly, we can tune them out altogether.

The Custom House in Dublin

The Custom House in Dublin is full of history and a well-known landmark within the city itself.

I must have passed this building hundreds, if not thousands, of times in my life. One sunny day I happened to pass it and took the time to take this picture.

It's a different view than most people would be used to, this picture was taken with the River Liffey behind the building as oppsed to in the foreground.

The Custom House on the quays in Dublin After restoration

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