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Dean Martin

There's something about Dean Martin that evokes a feeling of nostalgia and happiness within me. Not only that but for some reason I also start humming "Volare"- don't ask me why but it's always the same tune, over and over for the day.

I decided to create my own little homage to Deano and so I'm including it here to show some more of the work that I love to do.

I got the text from Wikipedia, the official Dean Martin Website and movie Ranker.com, and grabbed the images off the internet, but I hope you like my little tribute to "The King of Cool" .

Bela Lugosi

The man who embodied the phrase "I want to suck your blood" was non other than Hungarian-American actor Bela Lugosi.

This is my tribute to a man who has been in practically everybody's life at one point...